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About the artist

Since 2015 Núria Duran saw their future in music. Participating in several musical projects, they began to consolidate themselves as a composer and singer at the end of 2019. From that moment, they began their solo journey by publishing a first EP under their own name with the Taller de Musics.


Always with a sense of proximity, Núria Duran transports us to their deepest experiences in the form of indie-pop. Achieving a balance between simplicity and harmonic complexity, Núria puts words to the language of everything subconscious.


Their debut album, which they will be advancing during these next few months, will be out in April 2024. It is an ambitious project where music and visuals are equally important and the presence of colors in the artist's life is reflected in their music videos and live performance. The main themes of the songs are their life as queer and autistic artist and what it has meant for them. Núria's compositions are both in Catalan and in English.

"Núria has offered a pop song performance that overflowed with luminosity with the chords of the guitars and their powerful voice"

Enderrock (about their performance)

"I like the vision behind it. Artistic and full of expression. Duran puts the pieces together. She delivers great work. This song brings peace to the soul"

LeFutureWave, online blog (about Days, 2020)

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